Sara Chisolm

About the Author

Sara Chisolm is a speculative fiction writer based in the Los Angeles area.

Sara’s Stories in Made in L.A.

Vol. 2

“Serenade of the Gangsta” by Sara Chisolm

A gangsta’s life is thrown off-course by a chance encounter with a mariachi.

If you wanted to hustle, you had to sacrifice.

Vol. 3

“The Fortune of the Three and the Kabuki Mask” by Sara Chisolm

A Chinese-American daughter tests the limits of her family’s desire for a son.

Gray billows of smoke from smoldering incense sticks attempted to claim every whisper of fresh air.

“We Found Love as the Undead” by Sara Chisolm

A graffiti artist finds his art to be insufficient solace for his undead girlfriend.

The can emitted silvery beads of spray that mirrored the essence of Akiko’s moonbeam skin.